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If you are having problems with our web store please email and we will quickly assist you.

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If you need immediate assistance please call Mark Bannister, 256-509-2052.


You are currently at the web store for Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Lobsterfest.  Our eCommerce store is a separate web site this year as we have upgraded our software in order to create a better user experience on the day of Lobsterfest.  We realize this may cause some confusion and we apologize for that in advance, but it is our hope that your pickup experience will be much faster and more pleasant.

Gift Cards and Complimentary Tickets

Please see information here: Help with Gift Cards

Shipping Address?

The software asks for a shipping address at checkout.  No we do not ship anything; you must pick it up at Lobsterfest.  When you go through checkout you actually have to select a shipping method which is "Pick up at Lobsterfest."  If we could change that we would.  It's confusing we know.


First, you do not need an account to checkout.  Just use the "Guest" checkout method.  The account simply makes it easier to checkout next time.

We have transferred all existing accounts over to the new system.  This may cause issues if you try to create a new account with an existing email that is in our system.  If you are having trouble and are an existing customer, try either using the "Guest" checkout method or if you prefer try the Reset my password link.

Please let us know if you have any issues.